Did You Want Healthy Fights With Your Mate?

Marks a healthy fight between couples, unconditional love. Usually, the reason for fights is an expectation and ego. These are the main reasons for relationship breakdown. But you must take full responsibility for convincing your partner and leading your healthy relationship. Healthy use provides better understanding without providing unnecessary stressful events. Here are some steps that all couples should take.

Ignoring always or never

If for some fun reason you are fighting or arguing with your partner or being injured by your loved one. Relax before arguing with them. Because they also have the mentality of expressing their own opinions. At first, they can both relax. Especially try to avoid the word always or never.

For example,

  • I always work alone and you never try to help me
  • How would you feel if this were a good tone? Of course, it gives the relationship a break

Try these phrases now

  • Please help me. I don’t feel good at working alone. This makes me very tired. I know for sure if we are both Working together is the simplest way to get all our work done.

Read now. Distinguish between the two sentences. .Now you can catch the point. So always skip or Never. If you use this word, it shows that you are selfish.

Describe your feelings, instead of cursing your beloved one

If you made a mistake or you caused a fight, you should apologize to your partner and try to resolve the issues. Don’t keep your arguments for so long. If you are not the cause of fights or problems, express your feelings and emotions. Realize the mistake your partner made when he saw your tears because he loved you so much. Give them a sense of guilt and do not force them to agree with you again. Until then you need to show your love and care to your partner.

Try to solve your issues face to face

Do not discuss via WhatsApp, Skype, or any digital media. Try to solve your problems face to face with your partner. Otherwise, it leads to unnecessary complications. Don’t try to put your point in your partner’s mind. Try to communicate your points face to face because this may be a solution to your problems or you may find your partner’s feelings and emotions. So spend your time building a good relationship that is healthy and beautiful.

Instantly address problems that hurting you

You should wait so long to solve your issues which hurts you more .just solve it at the present time when it arises. For example, if she and he means

Imagine If she orders pizza only for herself and she was eating without sharing with her partner, Now her partner feels a  bit worry. And then she is repeating the same thing at each time, Now how he feels. That thing makes him dump all his feelings and worries  But one day he explores all the feelings and creates the biggest issues among their lovely life. Alternatively, if he asks the thing instantly when an issue arises the first time, she doesn’t repeat that and both of them lead a healthy life.

Counseling for couples

After all, some couples are not even able to live their lives with their spouse. It is caused by ego and misunderstandings. So those couples should retrieve the advice of the couple counseling departments and they should seek advice and understand the points from the counselors. Then they get rid of everything and live a healthy life with a loved one!